5 Reasons Why You Should Move from HGVs to PSVs


The Bus and Coach industry is moving forward fast. The demand for PSV Technicians is at an all-time high as commercial vehicle workshops are chasing to keep up with the ever-growing number of PSVs, bus technology and passengers on our roads.


Of course, each commercial vehicle technician has a preference over what type of vehicles they want to work on. Still, the skills learnt as an HGV Mechanic are easily transferable to buses.


This article will cover five reasons why moving to PSVs could be an excellent route to take when you have HGV experience and are looking for your next role or a change in direction.


1. It is a 24-hour operation


Unlike HGVs, the PSV industry is a 24-hour operation, with bus schedules running from early in the morning throughout the night. As a result, PSV Technicians have more choice when it comes to shift patterns. This allows you to work the shifts that best suit your existing schedule, whether that be days, nights or even split shifts.

Not only that but with an abundance of bus work constantly available, there are plenty of opportunities for overtime should you want to put in some extra hours and earn some more money.


2. The industry is changing


With the rise in the cost of living, fuel prices and an increased focus on sustainability and achieving net-zero emissions, more people are opting to use buses as their primary mode of transport rather than their vehicles.

With the introduction of zero-emission buses predicted to attract more than one million new passengers and driverless buses set to hit our roads as early as 2025, the demand for PSV Technicians will only increase as more buses and coaches head to our roads.


3. You will receive more training


Working on PSVs comes with greater responsibility. Unlike HGVs, you are responsible for a larger group of people, with passengers ranging from young children to elderly and vulnerable individuals. The many health and safety regulations associated with PSVs mean you will have to undergo further training before entering a Mechanic role.

The training required for this role will allow you to expand your skillset and industry knowledge as a PSV Technician and gain additional qualifications to open up a more comprehensive range of progression pathways.


4. You will receive free travel for you and one other person


Who doesn’t love great company benefits, especially when free transport is one of them?! Most Bus Operators repay their technicians by offering free bus transportation for their employees and one other person. Some companies even extend this offer to two children. Having the option to travel for free on public transport can help you save a lot of money on your commute, day trips and out-of-work activities.

5. There are plenty of opportunities for progression


As a PSV Mechanic, progression opportunities do not fall short. Many companies spend their time and resources to develop their staff and ensure they have the skills needed to progress in their careers. Not to mention that PSV Technician jobs open the door to more senior roles within the workshop, allowing you to step into a manager or supervisor role with experience.

When it comes to hiring new talent, Bus and Coach firms tend to favour recruiting in-house instead of externally, allowing you to work your way up the ladder and build a long-lasting relationship within one company.


To sum up, there are a lot of compelling reasons why you should consider moving from a career in HGV to buses. In particular, the more extensive progression, overtime, and work opportunities provide the perfect base for building an advanced career within the PSV industry.

As a commercial transport recruitment specialist, Holt Commercial and its large client base is on hand to help you find your next PSV Technician, Workshop Controller or Workshop Supervisor role that will help propel your career.


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