Are You Being Underpaid In Your HGV Job? 5 Signs To Look For


Feeling like you are being underpaid in your job is one of the most disheartening and frustrating feelings of working life. In an industry where you may be working long hours or spending significant portions of your day on the road, not being paid what you are worth can be demoralising. Unfortunately, this is the case in many HGV Mechanic, HGV Drivers, Truck Mechanics and Workshop Controller roles.


Spotting the signs of being underpaid in your HGV job is a great way to determine whether you are receiving the salary that best reflects your skills and experience.


In this article, we have identified five key warning signs that you are being underpaid and offer some tips for ensuring you earn the money you deserve in your HGV job:


1. Your salary does not align with your HGV skills.


Many jobs within the HGV industry, such as HGV Technician, Lorry Mechanic and Workshop Controller, require highly skilled individuals to carry out the work. Suppose you have upskilled through additional courses and qualifications or have taken on more responsibility in your HGV role since your last pay review. Your previous pay corresponded with your last role. If what is expected of you has significantly changed, you should have a conversation with your manager about how this will affect your compensation.


2. You have not asked for a pay rise.


If salary was not mentioned in your most recent annual review, you will likely remain on your current wage. For many employees, asking for a pay rise can be daunting, which is why numerous people put it off. If you feel your work has been consistently strong and completed to a high standard, it is worth asking for a pay rise to reward your efforts. Your next quarterly review is a prime opportunity to discuss your salary and negotiate a pay increase. As the old saying goes, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!


3. Your salary is not keeping up with the current economic climate.


Research by CV-Library found that most British workers receive a pay rise of just 2% each year. With inflation, cost of living and fuel prices on the rise, many people across the country find their money is not going as far as it was for their expenses. If your salary is not moving with the economic inflation, this could be a sign that you are being underpaid.


4. Competitors are paying more for the same HGV jobs.


Keeping an eye on what your competitors’ salaries offer for the same HGV jobs is a fantastic way to assess whether you are being paid enough at your current company. Utilising online tools, such as Glassdoor’s ‘Know Your Worth’ tool, will help you track your current value by the jobs in your local market and can indicate when it is time to negotiate a salary raise.


5. New employees are receiving higher salaries.


In a market where there are more jobs than candidates, companies have to offer a more competitive salary and benefits package to compete with other brands and attract the best talent in the HGV industry. If you see your company listing new HGV jobs with the same job description but a higher salary than you, then this is a clear indicator that you are underpaid.


Where do you go from here?


After reading this article, if you notice that some of these signs sound familiar, then chances are you are being underpaid. Whether you have gained new HGV skills or have not had a performance review meeting lately, raising the issue with your manager is the best way to see action and negotiate a new salary that matches your current abilities.


If your employer is not able or willing to meet your salary expectations, you may need to consider exploring other options. If you feel it is time to try something new with another HGV supplier, Holt Commercial can find you a new role that will deliver the salary you deserve.


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