Charity Work

Our charity work is at the forefront of all we do here at the Holt Recruitment Group. As a business, we believe everyone should share our passion and commitment to giving back and do whatever we can to help improve the lives of others in need. Put simply – if you can, you should.

If you follow us on our social pages, you’ll know we are an energetic bunch at Holt. From endurance challenges to plain comedy/stupid, we have one aim – to help both our local community and nationwide charities. Whether fundraising, event sponsorship or offering volunteers, we’ve got it going on all year round.


At Holt Automotive Recruitment, we are proud to partner with Round Table Children’s Wish as our chosen charity for the year. This registered charity is dedicated to bringing hope and happiness to children and young people facing life-threatening illnesses across Britain and Ireland.

For this one, we opted to take on a Tour de France-style challenge and cycle a massive 6,808km to raise money for RTCW. Below you will find the highlights from that week!

Round Table Children’s Wish distinguishes itself with its heartfelt commitment to crafting unique and special wishes for each individual child, tailoring them to meet the specific needs and circumstances of both the young person and their wider family. Over the past three decades, this remarkable charity has granted countless wishes, bringing smiles and moments of pure joy to some incredible children and young people. Our collective goal is to support Round Table Children’s Wish in reaching even more children, ensuring that they too can experience the transformative power of a wish during their most challenging times.


Below you’ll find the highlights from a few of our more recent efforts.

Holt “Row Around Great Britain”

For our 2022 annual charity campaign, the Holt Recruitment Group team committed to a whopping 2100 mile “Row Around Great Britain” supporting Dorset and Devon based Margaret Green Animal Rescue. How did it work? We couldn’t be trusted in boats, so we decided to complete the distance on six indoor rowers in our Bournemouth offices. Each rower had a rotating team, with each member of the team rowing on average for ten minutes every hour. To cover the distance, we need to row continuously for nine hours a day over the five days (March 7th – 11th), with each individual having to cover around 70 miles over the course of the week! As always, the ball never drops on the work front, so everyone continued with their regular duties and continued to smash it out on the recruitment front!

Watch the highlights from the day in the video below, or find the full challenge details and other videos on the Holt Recruitment Group website here.

Holt “A Mile an Hour” 24 Hour Marathon

It’s no secret that 2020 was tough, very tough. Many people have lost their jobs, and struggled to support their families and keep food on the table. In April 2021, we decided to jump in and see what we could do to help “Hope for Food”, a local food bank here in Bournemouth, Dorset.

The challenge? To run a 1.1-mile loop every hour for 24hrs, effectively completing just over a marathon each over the 24hr period. It was fantastic and brutal all at the same time. Watch the highlights from the day in the video below, or find the full challenge details and other videos on the Holt Recruitment Group website here.


Victoria Education Centre

In 2016 we launched our exciting new innovative charity campaign, devoted to helping the futures of children and young adults of Victoria Education Centre (VEC), a special day and residential school based in Poole, Dorset. Using proceeds from every placement fee, we buy and donate equipment to the school and its pupils.

Our partnership uniquely supports the VEC, which offers specialised, high-quality education, therapy, and care for young people aged
3-19. The school aims to be a centre where successful learning and high levels of achievement prepare children and young adults for fulfilling future lives.

Dorset Children’s FoundationHolt Recruitment Group Annual Toy Appeal to support the Dorset Children's Foundation

The DCF was set up to improve and enrich the lives of children with disabilities and their families experiencing difficulties related to the impact of disability, including physical health, emotional strain, and social isolation, through a range of provisions.

Each year, our longest-running tradition and one of our favourites is the Toy Appeal for the Dorset Children’s Foundations. Nothing better than doing your bit to help ensure no child goes without a gift at Christmas. Thankfully we don’t have to do any wrapping!

We are always looking for the next campaign or challenge we can get stuck in with, so if you have any ideas or need a little help, we are all ears! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with