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Step into the fast lane of automotive success with Holt Automotive, the foremost name in dealership and retail recruitment. As the UK’s premier supplier of skilled automotive technicians, car sales professionals, adept car dealership managers and more, we redefine industry excellence. Our forward-looking approach combines cutting-edge digital resources with a time-honoured commitment to personalized interactions and perfect matches. We go beyond filling positions – we ignite a spark, aligning candidates with companies that truly understand how to maximize their potential.

Why Choose Holt Automotive for Your Dealership & Retail Needs?

With over 12,500 dealerships spread across the UK, the automotive industry thrives on managerial, sales, after-sales, and administrative roles. Holt Automotive boasts over a decade of experience as the pinnacle provider to this expansive dealership network. Our unique position as the sole and preferred supplier to numerous dealership groups showcases our unparalleled influence.

Unravelling Opportunities: Our Comprehensive Offerings

Holt Automotive is your destination for both volume and tailored automotive solutions. As experts in permanent, fixed-term contracts, and temporary placements, we craft our services to fit your precise needs. Our extensive talent pool spans the entirety of the UK, encompassing diverse disciplines that include:

We use our vast database of automotive professionals, social channels and job boards to support hiring no matter the seniority level. Whether you are looking for administrative staff, blue-collar workers or senior management, we will be able to find candidates who can hit the ground running and drive your business forward.

We can assist with both temporary and permanent employment solutions filling roles including but not limited to:

Dealership Technical / After Sales / Parts

Sales / Management / Support Staff

If you’re an ambitious individual ready to steer your career towards automotive excellence, explore our live vacancies and apply directly. Are you in need of skilled hands to join your team? Reach out to us via email at or give us a call at 01202 552915 to set the wheels in motion. Experience the Holt Automotive difference and accelerate towards success.

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  • Nelson, Candidate

    Google Review

    “Scott is an exceptional recruiter who is highly efficient and quick to respond. His guidance throughout the recruitment process is clear and helpful, and he provides suitable job opportunities shortly after consultation. He listens attentively to job preferences and concerns, which is reflected in the job opportunities he presents. His expertise and efforts ensure a seamless and pleasant recruitment experience, and he is recommended to anyone looking for a job or seeking to fill a vacancy. Scott's dedication, professionalism, and excellent communication skills make him a standout recruiter in the industry.”

  • Samuel, Candidate

    Google Review

    “Jonathan Young was a champion of communication and negotiation between myself, and the company I had a successful application with. Highly rate his support, insight and understanding of both the customer needs and the applicant's experience.”

  • Luke, Candidate

    Google Review

    “Cannot fault Liam, he was a great help when it came to finding me a job that suits me. Couldn’t be happier with how he treated me during the process. Kept me up to date and quick responses compared with other agencies I have dealt with previously”

  • Beth, Candidate

    Google Review

    “Carla helped me find the perfect job that was exactly what I was looking for. She stayed in contact throughout the process to ensure I was always up to date with everything. She made the whole process from the start so easy and stress-free. I could not recommend her enough!”

  • Rishabh, Candidate

    Google Review

    "I had the privilege of working with Will and Mark from Holt Recruitment during my recent job search, and I cannot express how grateful I am for their outstanding assistance. Their dedication, professionalism, and expertise truly made a significant difference in helping me secure my first job in the UK. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking employment, and I am delighted to share my wonderful experience with others. Highly recommended."

  • Aaron, Candidate

    Google Reviews

    "I was recently speaking with Sarah at Holt Recruitment in my search for a new job as a paint sprayer. I cannot fault, in any way, my experience. I was met with the friendliest, most professional recruiter I’ve dealt with, who made looking for a job seem more like I was just chatting to a mate about work, which is probably the only approach that would’ve worked for me personally. Two, maybe three, weeks down the line and I have a start date. I would recommend Holt to anyone. Sarah, thank you again. You’ve been amazing."