6 Reasons the Isle of Wight Should Be The Next Place You Call Home!

For automotive professionals seeking a change of scenery, the Isle of Wight presents an intriguing opportunity. The typically grey British weather can certainly take its toll, so for those yearning to relocate to sunnier climes, this British isle could be just the ticket.


At Jacksons, we pride ourselves on being the only approved, trained, and franchised dealership in the Isle of Wight, trusted by the world’s leading manufacturers. With deep roots in the Isle of Wight community, we actively contribute to local causes and support groups across the island. Leveraging our team’s firsthand experience of everyday life here, we’re uniquely equipped to showcase the island’s distinct attraction.


So, could the Isle of Wight be the next place you call home? Let’s explore 6 reasons why relocating to the Isle of Man could be the right decision for you as an automotive professional.


  1. Unique Island Lifestyle:


The Isle of Wight, with its distinct coastal charm and rural landscapes, offers a lifestyle like no other. You’ll relish the tranquillity of island living, where commuting becomes a scenic drive along winding coastal roads and the pace of life encourages relaxation and rejuvenation.


  1. Thriving Automotive Sector:


Despite its quaint size, the Isle of Wight boasts a dynamic automotive sector with diverse employment opportunities. At Jacksons, we offer an environment conducive to long, secure, progressive, exciting, and rewarding careers for the right candidates. If you share our drive, determination, and passion for cars and customer service, then there’s a place for you in our team! We welcome professionals from diverse backgrounds, including administration, sales, accounts, and technicians, providing a supportive atmosphere for both personal and professional development.


  1. Competitive Employment Packages


Professionals considering a move to the Isle of Wight will find attractive remuneration packages and enticing benefits awaiting them. With a lower cost of living compared to urban areas and a robust local economy, automotive specialists can enjoy a higher standard of living and greater financial stability. Additionally, incentives for skilled workers, including relocation support and tax advantages, make it an enticing destination for career advancement. If you’d like to learn more about the incentives we offer here at Jacksons, feel free to get in touch!


  1. Enviable Work-Life Balance


Achieving harmony between work and leisure is effortless on the Isle of Wight. Shorter commutes, flexible work arrangements, and an abundance of outdoor recreational activities ensure professionals can strike the perfect balance between their career and personal pursuits. Whether it’s exploring coastal trails, unwinding on sandy beaches, or engaging in water sports, the island offers ample opportunities for relaxation and adventure.


  1. Cultural Diversity and Heritage


Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the Isle of Wight, where English and French influences blend seamlessly to create a unique tapestry of traditions and customs. Explore historic towns, discover architectural marvels, and delve into the island’s fascinating history through museums and heritage sites, enriching your experience both professionally and personally.


  1. Home to the Isle of Wight Festival


The Isle of Wight is a paradise for music lovers, boasting the iconic Isle of Wight Festival among its lineup of spectacular summer festivals, carnivals and events . As one of the most renowned music festivals in the UK, it attracts top-tier artists and performers from around the globe, offering unforgettable experiences against the backdrop of stunning coastal scenery. One of the perks of being a resident is access to exclusive “islander tickets”.


7 Fun facts about the Isle of Wight:


  1. Britain’s Sunniest Spot: With an average of 1,800-2,000 hours of sunshine annually, the Isle of Wight outshines even London by 500 hours a year. Surpassing some regions of Spain, this island paradise offers a sunny escape from the grey British weather.


  1. Tidal Territory Titles: At high tide, the Isle of Wight lays claim to being England’s smallest county. However, during low tide, this title shifts to the historic county of Rutland near Leicestershire.


  1. Ancient Alias: During the Roman era, the Isle of Wight was known as Vectis. Remarkably, this name persists today, echoing its Roman heritage despite being discarded after the Romans departed in the 5th century.


  1. Historic Amusement Haven: Dating back to 1843, Blackgang Chine stands as the world’s oldest amusement park. Originally named after a former coastal ravine, this park has entertained generations of holidaymakers.


  1. Squirrel Sanctuary: The Isle of Wight serves as a refuge for the red squirrel, with grey squirrels barred from entry. As protectors of their smaller red cousins, the island enforces laws to preserve its native wildlife.


  1. Motorway-Free Isle: Unlike mainland Britain, the Isle of Wight boasts no motorways. While a dual carriageway connects Newport to Cowes, the absence of motorway traffic adds to the island’s allure.


  1. Garlic Capital of the UK: Newchurch in Sandown houses the UK’s largest garlic producer. With over 40 years of experience, this garlic farm crafts an array of delectable products, from pestos to garlic-infused alcohol. Additionally, the farm hosts various events throughout the year, welcoming visitors to indulge in all things garlic.


So why not take the plunge and embark on a new adventure by relocating to the Isle of Wight? The island awaits, so if you’re passionate about the automotive industry, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today for an informal discussion and explore the opportunities waiting for you at Jacksons.



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