Using A Plant & Agriculture Recruitment Specialist: 5 Reasons Why


It is no secret that experienced Plant & Agriculture professionals are in high demand. Amid an industry shortage of skilled talent, Plant Hire and Maintenance companies always have vacancies such as Plant Mechanics, Agricultural Engineers and Yardmen in their depots or workshops.


If you are out of work or looking for your next opportunity in the Plant & Agriculture industry, there are several routes you can take to find the perfect role. You could use job boards such as Indeed or CV Library or directly contact employers in your area. Alternatively, you could enlist the help of a specialist recruiter operating in the Plant Hire & Maintenance sector. They will have a network of clients with whom they have built strong relationships over time.


This article will give you five reasons why using a Plant & Agriculture Recruitment Specialist is a great route to take when job hunting in the industry.


1. Time


We have all had to go through job searching at some point in our lives. It is common knowledge that it’s both time-consuming and mentally tough. Sending out CVs and applications to countless jobs that you may never hear back from can be inefficient in your job search.


By using a Plant Hire & Maintenance recruiter, you will have instant access to many jobs suitable to your skillset. At Holt Commercial, we’ve spent years developing relationships with our clients and have direct contact lines with HR representatives and Engineering Managers. That means we can get you in front of the right people, quickly. We often have people immediately available to interview and start a new Plant Fitter or Forklift Operator role within a few days. Occasionally even the following day!


2. Decide What Works For You


One of the benefits of working with a specialist recruiter is setting your expectations on that first call. Going into your job search, you may know what you want from your next role in terms of salary, benefits and shifts, or you may be unsure about what the market is currently offering.


Speaking with our consultants will allow you to narrow down the jobs in the area to just the ones that will fit in with your life and expectations. If you don’t know what your area is offering to people with your skills or experience, you can discuss this with the recruiter, who will know the specifics of local Plant & Agriculture employment trends.


3. A Personal Supporter


Can you remember when you used a friend’s help to get an interview or job at the place that they work? Many people will have sought a referral for a job at some point, and having a foot in and someone to vouch for you from the get-go is more likely to get you a chance to sell yourself and boost your chances of success.


Using a specialist recruiter is very similar to this when job searching. In the case of working with us, our consultants are all recruitment industry experts with specialised knowledge of the Plant & Agriculture sector. They are aware of what our clients are looking for and have developed close professional relationships with the people of influence. If you have the right experience, skills and qualifications, then being put forward by a recruitment agency can often be as good as a referral.


4. Range of Plant & Agriculture Options


When using a Plant Hire & Maintenance recruitment agency, you can access the wide range of jobs your recruiter is working on. But, they can also approach their clients personally to see if there is scope for you to join them in your preferred role and shifts; even if they are not actively recruiting for the role at that time.


This way, you might get exposure to jobs that aren’t currently advertising online. Having this option is a great way to get in front of hiring managers before a role is advertised and more competition enters the hiring process.


5. The Offer Stage


One of the main benefits of going through a Plant & Agriculture recruitment specialist is once you get to the offer stage. The offer stage is where a Plant Hire or Maintenance company is ready to offer you that new Agricultural or Powered Access Engineer role you’ve been looking for. It may meet your expectations or might not be enough for you to accept at that time. From here, your recruiter can enter a negotiation process with the employer, equipped with the market and area employment knowledge to argue the case for an agreement that satisfies both parties.


To sum up, using a Plant Hire recruitment specialist has several benefits that make your job search more efficient. Producing a wider range of job options and, in most cases, will get you the offer you want. Plant Industry professionals such as Hire Desk Administrators, Plant Technicians and Field Service Engineers can seek their help at no extra cost. They will gain an experienced supporter to put them forward to hiring managers with whom they have built strong professional relationships.


To make your Plant Hire job search easier, you can reach out to our specialist Plant & Agriculture consultants by applying to relevant jobs on our job board. You can also fill in one of the contact forms on our website or contact us directly.


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