Network Partner of Women In Automotive

Why did we choose to become a Network partner?

We chose to become a Network partner of Women in Automotive because at Holt Automotive, we recognise that we are in a privileged position and would like to leverage that to make a positive impact. We are fortunate to have a team that comprises many strong and talented women, so advocating for women in this industry is crucial to us as we’ve experienced firsthand the impact they can make.

We have also identified the value in the mentoring scheme offered for our team members, as investing in their professional growth and development remains a continued priority for us as a business. We eagerly anticipate the networking opportunities that being a network partner affords us, with an overall aim to cultivate valuable connections and relationships within the automotive sector.

Beyond the benefits that we see this partnership bringing to us, we believe that we can contribute insights to the network regarding recruitment trends, helping to inform strategic decisions that can help bolster the automotive industry through its talent.


Why do we believe in diversity?

I believe in diversity for several reasons, primarily because it ultimately leads to better performance. By embracing diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, teams can enhance their skillsets in ways that otherwise might be unachievable. I believe that diversity allows us to recognise skills that may be overlooked in more homogenous environments, contributing to a well-rounded team and ultimately positively impacting the industry. Beyond the tangible benefits, I also believe in diversity because it’s simply the right thing to do. Every individual deserves equal opportunities and respect, regardless of their background or identity.


Why is it important to support women in the automotive industry?

Supporting women in the automotive industry is crucial for changing the perception of what has traditionally been a male-dominated environment. By fostering an inclusive culture that welcomes and values female participation, we can break down stereotypes and create opportunities for women to thrive in all aspects of the automotive sector. Embracing diversity not only enhances our industry’s talent pool with different perspectives and skill sets but also drives positive change.


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